3-D Lips: Delicious Pucker in 3 Simple Steps

Hi ladies,

These days I rarely wear a lot of makeup because my skin has improved dramatically. However, I've been wearing the same lip combo everyday and I love it! Although this technique may not be new to lots of people, it does make my lips look more pouty and luscious. You only need three items and I bet you already have them:

What you need (L-R):
A lip liner (I used Wet n' Wild 666), a pearly white lipgloss (I use MAC Elle lip glass), and your favorite lipstick (MAC Plink!)

Step 1: line your lips with the lip liner and gently smudge it to have soft lines

Step 2: Apply the lipstick on your lips
You can use a lip brush to apply but it is optional

Step 3: This step is very crucial to obtain a kissable pout!
Apply lip gloss at the center of your upper and lower lip
This will make your lips look very pouty but not goopy! I find applying lip gloss all over your lips really make them look greasy, which is not pretty.

For those who are curious, this is how I look now (without makeup)

"What are you looking at?" she said.
Except for the lipstick combo, I did not wear any makeup at all! My skin does look a lot better and Canon lens is awesome!

MAC Elle lip glass is a limited edition item that is pearly white and very pretty. I don't think you can find it anymore since it was released a while ago. You can substitute it with MAC lustre glass in Lustrewhite. Plink! lipstick is not a LE item and you can get it at any MAC counter. It's a very wearable sheer pink that is very close to the color of my lips.

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That's all, folks! For those who are studying for finals, I wish you all the best!

Take care and stay gorgeous,
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