Happy Monday and a Healthy Living Tip for You!

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was full of good tea and furious writing. This week is very exciting for all of us in the U.S of A because Thanksgiving is coming! I actually love Thanksgiving more than Christmas and this year I get to cook a turkey ;)

Since the weather got colder, I found myself drinking less and less water. One day I only drank two glasses of water for the whole day and that was not so good. Water is the best moisturizer for our bodies and dehydration can lead to a lot of things. One year I did not drink enough liquids for a long period of time and ended up at the hospital with a kidney stone! It was an eye-opening experience for me and after that, I made a pact to self-monitor my liquid intact. However, within the past week or two, it became harder and harder for me to drink plain water. Even water with a piece of lemon was not that enticing anymore.

Turned out I was not the only one who had the problem. I talked to my roommate and found out she was not that interested in the pure and crispy taste of water either. How strange, right?

But I searched high and low for the solution of making myself drink more water and voila, here it is: juice-infused water! If I have time, I can cut up fruits and pour water over to infuse it with the flavors, minerals, and vitamins from the fruits. However, as much as I want to make my water to be spa-like, I don't really have time so I resort to a much sorter cut. It is simple and I get to drink water a lot more again. Moreover, I also get a part of my daily vitamin C and antioxidants in every glass of water.

What you need:

  • Juice of your choice: I love cranberry juice and yeah, that's a gallon-size bottle of juice!
  • A glass and some ice (optional)
  • Some water to dilute your fruit juice: filtered water is fine.

Pour some juice to the glass: don't go too crazy with the juice. You're not supposed to drink lots of juices though, it's there to spice your water to make it more flavorful. I usually add 1/4 to 1/3 juice to the glass

Pour water to the glass until it's full. Then swirl the glass around a little bit to make sure the juice and water mix well together.

Drink up!
Without makeup, I look like a kid, haha! I find the juice-infused water very tasty and get my water intake this way. If you want to give this method a try, here are some things you should be aware:
  • I make sure the total amount of juice I drink is not more than a glass a day as some fruit juices may contain a high concentration of sugar.
  • I always check the label to make sure the juice I bought is 100% juice and do not contain high fructose corn syrup. The syrup is really cheap and is a sweetener to fruit juices. However, fructose is a simple sugar molecule that does not require any breaking down once inside our bodies. It's just empty calories and spikes the blood sugar up very quickly. So by all means, make sure your juices do not contain this ingredient.
  • Once opened, I try to consume the juice within a week: some vitamins like vitamin C will lose its potency within a short amount of time. Also, an opened container is prone to unwanted bacterial growth. So if you buy a big bottle of juice, either share it with people or divide it into smaller containers and freeze the unused portions.
That's all, folks! I hope you're having a wonderful week ahead and stay healthy!

With love,
Your Makeup Blogger

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