Face Contouring and Highligting: Slimmer and Shimmer

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How are we doing today? It's T-1 to Thanksgiving, aka Turkey Day, in the United States and I'm excited! Tonight I'm heading up to get the last few items for tomorrow's big dinner as the prices are always significantly cheaper on the night before. That way I can save a little bit more cash for Black Friday, aha!

Yesterday I posted the first part of the contouring technique where it concentrated more on the nose and today it's for the rest of the face. Also, I would like to touch base a little bit on the highlighting technique as these two are intertwined to each other.

For the rest of the face, there are two things to do: hollowing the cheek area for a sculpted and chiseled look, and shading the perimeter of the face to make it look slimmer. Using the same brush and powder as the previous part, let's get started, shall we?

Cheek Contouring

Making a fish face and find the hollow area just below the cheek, then apply the powder from the hairline towards your mouth.
  • If you can't find where it is, the safe bet is to apply the contouring powder a little bit below your blush.
  • When others like to have a contouring line, I prefer to have things looking soft and blended. Therefore, I use the same brush to blend it up toward the blush and down toward my chin.
Face Perimeter Shading

The proper caption for this picture is: "Why so serious?"
and the answer is: "I don't know why!"

This step is really simple: you just dip your brush to the contouring powder then brush it all around the hairline and jawline of your face
  • I always concentrate more on the jawline and if you want to look slim, a little bit of dark contouring powder will make your face look much thinner. Try it!
  • Again, blend blend blend! Unless you want everybody to see those dark lines and wonder what happened, blending is the way to go. I advocate for the natural-looking makeup, not clownish makeup, btw.

The highlighting chart for your face
NFL players: feel free to replace gold or white highlighting powder with your black powder

Seriously, after drawing the points for highlighting, I wonder if the first NFL player who ever painted his face was born in a family with a lot of sisters! So if you're in doubt of where to highlight your face, you can just take a look at your favorite football player.

Areas to consider:
  • Underneath the eyebrows: this will make you look like you just had an eye lift. Seriously, if you're brave enough, do it to your mom. She'll be really surprised!
  • The inner corners of your eyes: take a lot at any of Beyonce's photos and you'll see this trick used many many times. It opens up your eyes and especially on those tired days, it makes your eyes look much brighter.
  • On top of your cheek bones: who wants higher cheekbones? I do! Just smile it and apply it above the apple of your cheeks. Coupled with cheek contouring and you have the killah cheekbones, I'm telling you!
  • The bridge of the nose: the oldest trick on the book, period. If you want a high bridge nose, it's the way to go. But a word of warning: too much of it and your nose is going to be really shiny!
  • The cupid bow of your lips: who wants luscious lips? Then get your brush in there, girl!
The "Before" picture

The final result, tada!
It didn't take me that long to apply the makeup but in between putting my makeup on and taking pictures, I was doggone tired. Hence the tight lips.
Beside the blush, highlighting and contouring powder, I had no other makeup on my face.

That's all for today, folks! Have a happy pre-Turkey Day!

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