MAC Emanuel Ungaro Lip Products Review and Swatch

After all the hypes, rants and raved documented here, my MAC Emanuel Ungaro order came at the beginning of this week but I didn't have time to upload all the info and wrote a review until today. This collection is like a perk of sunshine during the cold months as the colors are soft and very feminine. I only bought 2 lip items that I thought I could use over and over again instead of buying everything from that collection. First of all, my skin does not like any of MAC powders so there's no beauty powder for me. The cream colour base, as tempting as they look, may look greasy on my oily skin and they're not eye safe so I ditched them as well. The eyeshadows are sometime dupe-able and the colors are not that unique so they got left out of the shopping bag. And need I say again, I'm still mad at MAC for not offering the Essential Beige paint pot!

Two of my new loves in their packages, waiting for me to undress them :)
As much as I love this collection, the packaging is kind of blah!

The two lip items I bought are Pure Rose lustre lipstick and Not so Shy! See Thru Lip Colour. Pure Rose was featured in September issue of Marie Claire that I posted here and this color is actually lighter than what it looks when applied to lips. It's very feminine but not girlish. However, this color is dupable and the closest lipstick to it is Plink! from the permanent lustre lipstick line. Also, if you want a creamier and more pigmented lipstick from MAC with the same family of color, go ahead and check out Speed Dial creamsheen lipstick. I actually enjoy the creamsheen one more than Pure Rose.

Pure Rose undressed

In her naked glory, Pure Rose is a soft pink color...

...but on my lips, it's really sheer

The second lip item is actually much much more interesting and I think is very versatile to use. If you have to buy one product from this collection, I suggest you run to the counter and get yourself this Not so Shy! see thru lip colour. Yeah, it's that great and I'm not such a big fan of lip stains!

Not so Shy! after being undressed.
It's a gorgeous raspberry color in a cooling gel form.

The doe foot sponge applicator

Although it looks very dark and fuchsia-like in the tube, this color is a sheer raspberry color in a gel format. It feels cool when applied to my lips and the color stays on and on and on and on (you get the idea, right?) A word of warning: like all stains, it will make your chapped lips look very prominently chapped. So ladies, exfoliate before you wear it. Also, I like to use my finger to spread it out instead of using the doe foot sponge tip applicator.

Gorgeous color, isn't it?

As gorgeous as it is, Not so Shy! has no shine in it and unless you're on a relaxed day, you need to couple it with something. First off, I tried it on top of Pure Rose for an extra punch of color because Pure Rose is unbelievably pale. The result, however, was disheartening because all the chapped skin and lines in my lips kind of shined through (*gasped in horror while looked at self in the mirror*) So I went ahead and did the reverse: Not so Shy! first, then Pure Rose and voila, my lips just wanted to speak English with a French accent!

See, I told you the combo is gorgeous.
Why my lips look like Angelina Jolie's I have no idea

The swatch (L-R): Not so Shy!, Pure Rose, Plink! and Not so Shy! on top of Pure Rose
Plink! is a bit darker than Pure Rose but they are indeed very similar

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