Funny Friday: The Kitty Edition

Attention cat lovers out there, this Funny Friday edition is for you. Also, I dedicate this to Tabs the cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog's mascot. Recently, Tabs took on a four-day journey leaving us all worried of his whereabouts. Now he's back with Karen, I think we all deserve to have a nice post of kitty cuteness.

Friday Funny: The Kitty Edition

Oh hai! Itz de bunny kitty!

Gettin' ready for Halloween. And they thought puppies are cute! I can do puppy eyes better :)

Air dry after shower to conserve energy (:

My fellow felines, this is what happens when your human lets you listen to Mariah Carey!

Ha, you caught me ridin' dirty!
(I swear I can hear this cat say, "I'm Catman!" hahaha)

Listen to da former First DemoCat Socks givin' a speech 'bout stimulus package
Extra cheezburgerz included, yummy!

Happy Halloween, my feline citizens!

Bye for now!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Picture credits (not in order): Today Pictures,, Kasamba Contests, Photobucket, WikiMedia, ImageShack, Pundit Kitchen, and Cat Facts.

Again, Happy Halloween and have a nice weekend!
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