Fantasy Makers Eyeshadow Duo: Really Affordable Pigmented Colors

Remember my first black nail polish Black Rose? During the time I got it, I also purchased two eyeshadow duos. As I was impressed with Black Rose, Fantasy Makers Eyeshadow Duos also satisfied me a lot with their price and pigmentation. I got two duos from them called Sumptuous and Smolder for $1.65 per duo(!) At first, I thought the colors would be pale and non pigmented. However, I got a thrill of my life after swatching these colors: they are gorgeous and really pigmented!

(L-R) Fantasy Makers eyeshadow duos in Sumptuous (purple) and Smolder (blue)

The first impression I have is these colors are very wearable. Sumptuous has the most wearable purple shades I've ever owned and I think they are the perfect day-time purple eye shadows. Smolder is more for the night-time clubbing and the darker color is a doppelganger of MAC Flashtrack. Don't believe me, see for yourself:

(L-R) Sumptuous duo, Smolder duo, and MAC Flashtrack (top right)
Again, Picassa messed with me!

The most interesting thing is the darker shade of Smolder is about twice as pigmented as MAC Flashtrack. I swiped twice to get the swatch on Smolder while did about 4 times to get the same intensity to the Flashtrack swatch. Also, I got 2 colors for $1.65 USD and $14.50 USD for Flashtrack. Talking about math, right?

Like other Wet n' Wild eyeshadows, these colors are not as finely milled. However, they are much more pigmented than the regular Wet n' Wild (and MAC!), which is the biggest surprise of the day. They remind me a lot of theater makeup in term of pigmentation. I don't own anything from Ben Nye or La Femme so I can't compare but I doubt they are any less pigmented. The duos are currently sold at Wal-Mart and Walgreens. So far, those are the two duos I've seen, if they got more I could have gotten them all.

That's all folks! I'm thinking of doing a FOTD for Halloween with all the makeup I have. Stay tune to see my Halloween makeup, ok?

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