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Once upon a time, there was a wizard who loved to play with makeup. During the dark time in wizard history, the Dark Lord Voldermort, aka He-Who-Not-Be-Named, banned all use of makeup and beauty products in the wizardry community. Those who did not obey would be put in Azkaban Prison, the wizardry equivalence of Alcatraz. Our heroine, being a rebel that she was, sneaked in some lip glosses from her Muggle friends thinking the Dark Lord would not noticed. Little did she know that the Dead Eaters were everywhere and she was thrown in Azkaban. As scary as those Dead Eaters were, they did not succumb her spirit as her heart was pure. With the help of her friends, she marginally escaped Azkaban during a dark, snowy night.

The next day the poster with her face was everywhere and Voldermort wanted to destroy this wizard very much as makeup is really magical and could weaken his power. Plus Harry Potter was on his tail so it was difficult for him to conquer the world when having Harry and makeup as his enemies.

Our heroine the makeup wizard went to France after her escape from Azkaban and met a street artist who loved to paint her pictures on the sidewalks. He was like Fafi with chalks and she used her magic in his drawings: whoever looked at the pictures would help her fight against the Dark Lord.

The magical drawing on the sidewalk

While her magic helped her fight against Voldermort, her pictures helped the street artist earn a lot of money. Since he knew she had good intention, he wanted to help her win the battle. Using his money, he was able to afford a billboard to draw a big picture of her to spread the magic further.

Since a lot of people could see her picture from afar, the good magic was multiplied to a level that it could win over the dark magic. But did it happen? Click "Read More" to find out!

A lot of makeup store owners whose stores were destroyed by Dead Eaters wanted to help her out. Overnight they decided to put the magical pictures all over their stores. Dead Eaters who saw her pictures eventually were weakened and defeated while good magic was accumulated at the same time.

Finally, Lord Voldermort's army was weakened and we all knew his ending: Voldermort was defeated, Harry Potter went on with his life. Our heroine, no longer a wizard, decided to become a beauty blogger. Although not many people could find her, she writes somewhere on the Internet. And she lives happily ever after.

The End!

Ok, it's either JK Rowling totally forgot that part or I just made the whole story up. Anyways, I'm a big Harry Potter fan and I think everyone should read the whole series. Watching the movies do not qualify for a cut, y'all! Read the books!

And I want this for Christmas, Santa can you hear me?

The wonderful photos were made by Photofunia. It's very addictive so use with precautions. And don't let your cats near the computer either, the next thing you see on the internet may be their pictures :)

That's all folks! Take care and have fun!
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