NYX Haul, Part Deux: Lip Items

As I promised, today's entry is part two of my NYX haul where I review NYX lipsticks and lip liner. Nonpareil Boutique gives free shipping within the United States when you purchase $40 USD or more. I figured out it would be better to get the free shipping than pay 6 dollars for them to ship anyways. Plus I can order some extra items instead of paying for shipping so I got 4 lipsticks and a lip liner.

4 lipsticks I ordered: Miracle, Apollo, Thalia, Gardenia (left to right in clockwise order)

These lipsticks are 99 cents a piece and they are called Round Lipsticks. They are not the black label lipsticks which are much more expensive. The round lipsticks are very waxy and drying like the traditional lipsticks. If you think they are similar to MAC lustre lipsticks, you're wrong. I have to use my Sally Hansen lip gloss as a base before applying NYX round lipstick. Otherwise, my lips would crack and peel. However, if you have a moisturizing lip balm or lip gloss before applying it, NYX lipstick is very pigmented. I haven't seen lipsticks with such high color intensity like these before, left alone those at 99 cents!

The swatch, I only swipe once
top row: Apollo and Miracle, bottom row: Gardenia and Thalia

  • Apollo is a shimmering reddish orange-bronze color. For ladies with darker skin tone than me, it will look very nice. To me it just looks strange.
  • Miracle is the perfect lipstick for those who want to go red but still afraid. It's redder than pink but not totally red yet. Plus it is shimmering which I like.
  • Gardenia is fiery red. I think it's redder than MAC Russian Red and about the same level of redness as Ruby Woo. You can comfortably label it as a vixen red (or to some, it's a "f-me" red.) I like Gardenia the most out of the batch although most red lipsticks do not work on me.
  • Thalia is a non-shimmering color I got and it is a weird color. It's supposed to be a nude lipstick but I look like a corpse wearing it. Tres weird!
To me, I will never buy NYX round lipsticks again because they are too drying. Moreover, I prefer lip gloss over lipsticks and these guys do not work for me. I feel bad because they are really pigmented and I just want them to be a bit more moisturizing.

The only NYX lip liner I purchased is the long lip liner in Natural for 99 cents. I just wanted a neutral lip liner that works well with different colors. It is very long and cute; however, the liner is quite hard to be used on the lips. Natural probably is comparable to MAC Spice or Stripdown.

Introducing the NYX bunny.
The lip was drawn with Natural lip liner

Don't laugh! I was making a swatch of Natural and some lip glosses. When I uploaded it looked like a bunny so I added some extra shapes and colors. And btw, the bunny was scared!

My take on these 99 cent items: you get the lip liners, ditch the round lipsticks and use that money for some NYX ultra pearl mania. I really have a lot of fun with NYX products, especially the eyeshadows. I spent a little bit above 40 dollars and got 14 items. If I go to MAC, I may not get even 3 lipsticks, lip glosses, or eye shadows with the same amount of money. NYX formulates their products well and the packages are really cute. I urge you to give it a try if you can. In some areas like L.A, you can find NYX almost everywhere. Nonpareil Boutique and Cherry Culture do ship overseas if you want to try.

If you have used NYX before, please share your experience. If you have any color or product suggestions, please let me know. I plan to get more stuff from this brand in the future and would love to have your input.

Have a wonderful day!
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