Shape Magazine Predicts Makeup Trends for Fall 2008

I love Shape magazine! I've been a subscriber since 2002-2003 and the magazine has changed a lot. Back in the day, it used to be heavy on machine exercise routines and expensive makeup. However, I did not drop my subscription after year one because this magazine is at the very front of its field and I find the information in exercise, makeup, nutrition, and lifestyle very useful. In a couple of days, Shape's September issue is going to be on sale but for the subscribers, it's already delivered.

To celebrate the "Back to School" month, Shape ran an article on Fall makeup trend. Usually, I rely on other makeup and beauty heavy-hitters such as Allure, Vogue, Cosmo, and Marie Claire on trend predictions but this time Shape is pretty spot on.

Trend #1: Metallic Eyes and Nails

Shape advised to use sheer, shimmery makeup to add shine and radiance. The two prominent colors are gold and silver (and I have both of them, so anticipate to see some of these in the future!) If you're shy, just wear metallics on your nails. And guess what, my toes are decked in silver metallic nail polish this week!

Gemma Ward sported the metallic eye look
Image from Teen Vogue

Shape suggested:
  • Jane Iredale liquid eyeliner in Gold
  • OPI nail lacquer in Happy Anniversary
  • Orly nail lacquer in Dazzle
  • Chanel nail colour in Gold Fiction
  • MAC pigment in Mega-Rich ($20 USD! Increased by 50 cents, aha!)
I suggest:
  • Any gold/golden pigment you have, chances are you already have some of
    'em in your stash;
  • Cash Flow paint pot, yummy!
  • $$$$$ Yes (pronounce "Cash Yes") nail lacquer from Lustretwins collection.
Trend #2: Loose Curls

When you think of loose curls, think about Jennifer Aniston with John Mayer, not Rachael in "Friends". Seriously, this girl's hair is amazing!

Look at Jen's hair! Amazing, isn't it?
Image from Greenville online

To achieve this look, Shape suggested:
  • Oscar Blandi wave enhance spray
  • Sunsilk De-frizz conditioner
  • Ricky's NYC Clips ($5 USD for 4)
I suggest:
  • Your curling iron, unless your hair is already curly
  • Some texturizing/wave enhancing spray
  • Some clips you get at Sally's for about $3 USD/pack of 6 (save you about 4 dollars from the Ricky's brand)
Trend #3: Deep, dark lips

Back in 1999-2000, I remember this dark lips trend was so in! My cousins sported the look which prompted me, a smart-ass teen, to ask this question, "Who hit you on your mouth?" According to Shape, this look is not for everyone, only the young-uns of 30 and less can sport it. Why? Because their lips are still full, nice, and do not have lines. According to me, those who have small mouths (including myself) should not wear the dark lips unless they want their lips to disappear into a thin line.

Oscar winning actress Marion Cotillard with dark lips
Image from Elle UK

Stuff to try, according to Shape:
  • Smashbox lip gloss in Sultry
  • Sally Hansen lip color in soft red
  • Aveda lip color in Passion Flower
  • Lacome Juicy Tubes in Autumn Jasmine
  • Any lipstick/ lip gloss you've kept since the last wave of dark lips hit the Earth!
I suggest:
  • MAC Russian Red for those who love the red;
  • Mary Kay signature lipstick in Raisinberry: the darkest lipstick I've ever used and believe me, this color is universally flattering;
  • Elizabeth Arden Exceptional lipstick in Autumn: dark and lovely brick/rose red color that is oh-so-chic but ages me 10 years! But for some of you with more luscious lips, this baby will work wonder.
I highly encourage you all to go get the September issue of Shape magazine. This month's content is actually fun and informative. There's an interview of supermodel Veronica Webb and Amber Valetta is on the cover.

I guess it pretty much sums up fall 2008 trend watch. I hope Shape doesn't miss anything and these trends are not too complicated to do.

Have fun y'all and take care!
Your Makeup Blogger

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