Sally Hansen Lip Glosses: Fabulous Drugstore Findings

As much as I love MAC lip glass, I can't stand its stickiness! Whenever I use the lip glass, I feel like my lips are coated in a gooey, goopy mess that feels part gross, part awesome (because of the shine.) Plus shelling out $14 USD is not that easy all the time, y'all. So I really set foot out to find an alternative solution to MAC lip glass but with less stickiness.

The good Lord of Makeup finally graced my with love in through a company called Sally Hansen. Now we all know Ms. Hansen makes wonderful nail polishes that rival OPI and the like. However, there's another side of Sally Hansen that makes good makeup as well, and that nobody really cares for which is terribly ridiculous and shameful because this company makes some seriously fine lip glosses!

Let me introduce you to 2 of Sally Hansen glosses that I purchased recently:

1. Sally Hansen Healing Beauty Daily Lip Moisture Gloss in Clear Honey

The gloss looks like a pen and is as big as a pen. It's small enough to be tucked in your purse or even your pocket. It's designed as a twist pen that when you twist the metallic end, the gloss will be deposited to the brush applicator. Between the sponge applicator à la MAC lip glass and the brush applicator, I prefer the later one because it gives me better application.

A close up at the brush applicator: since it's click and apply, you do not need to dip anything into something to get the gloss out. It's less messy and saves some bit of time that way, I guess.

How it looks on my lips. What you actually see in the picture is the natural color of my lips. This color Clear Honey is pretty sheer and it's not that glossy. However, it is an excellent product for chapped lips as it has apricot kernel oil, vitamin E and aloe to give you some additional moisture. The company also boasted about a bioActive complex in this product. Immediately upon application, I smell a faint citrus scent that quickly went away. Other than that, I detected no fragrance at all.

Price-wise, it's about $5 USD but this product is hard to find these days since Sally Hansen is fazing it out. I saw it in Target and sometimes at Walgreens in the past but actually bought it at Dollar Tree. If you see it, please nab one because this one is excellent to treat chapped lips.

My rating: B/B+ because it's a very good moisturizing lip product but not much of a lip gloss.

2. Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Pink Bouquet

This lip gloss is what I always wanted in a gloss: glossy shine, nice but sheer pigmentation, yummy scent that's packed in a slick tube. The Diamond lip treatment probably is the most well-designed gloss in the drugstore with a diamond and a square tube that is a reminiscent of the Chanel Glossimer lip gloss. My picture does not do it justice because the tube is very pretty in real life.

I think the people at Sally Hansen really enjoys the brush tip applicator instead of the doe-foot sponge tip, which is fine by me because I prefer it this way. Pink Bouquet is not really pink, it's more of a reddish shade. The Diamond formula packs a lot of shimmer into it and when I came to the sunlight, it was almost blindingly glossy! The gloss smells like cupcake and has a very glassy shine to it. On top of that, this gloss is not sticky at all. It feels like a lip balm to me and I prefer my gloss to behave that way.

The color is well-pigmented and comparable to MAC lip glass. I put 1 coat of gloss on my lips prior to taking the above picture. It gives me a pink-reddish hue that can be worn by itself. At $4.99 USD, it's a very good product to be used for a long time.

My rating: A+ and I think this is the best drugstore lip gloss ever! Sally Hansen has an array of colors ranging from pink to coral, nude and brown. If you haven't experienced Diamond lip treatment, run to your local drugstore and grab a couple of them. These glosses are fabulous!

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