Shocking News: MAC increased eyeshadow price!

Lately I haven't purchased anything from MAC because I am a good girl y'all. So I have no clue if anything has changed at all. Recently I kept seeing other beauty bloggers posting the price of MAC eyeshadows as $14.50 USD a piece and I'm wondering what's going on.

My click to MAC website confirmed that the eyeshadow price indeed has increased by 50 cents! Outrageous! Now we all have to pay more for our vanity! This is insane!

There may be some explanations to this price increase:
  1. The Canadian dollar vs. the U.S Dollar: Uncle Same hasn't been doing so well and now 1 USD is less than 1 CAD. MAC, as well all know, is a Canadian company. Therefore, the price increase may be the result of the currency exchange rate.
  2. Gas price: I'm not going to put my environmental policy knowledge out here and write another paragraph. We all can blame Uncle W. on this.
Since 2006, MAC has increased their eyeshadow price by $1.50 USD! I wish these days has come back again! So the next time MAC offers another Friends and Family sale, let's stock-pile their eyeshadows, shall we?

In the mean time, let's not rely too much on MAC. When the world is discovering alternative fuels, us beauty and makeup addicts need to inform others on alternative makeup sources.

Take care ladies and let's all pray for a better day!
Your Makeup Blogger

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