MAC Starflash and Lustretwins Launched Tomorrow!

Attention MAC fanatics! It's this time of the month again when we all gather our money around and scour to the mall for another round of MAC LE. Yup, our creative gods/goddesses at MAC have answered our prayers and launching two LE collections online yesterday and in store tomorrow. I'm all excited, how about you?

Let's go over the two collections, shall we?

Collection numero uno: Starflash

According to MAC, Starflash is "Hollywood's new Power Couple. Our 12 new limited-edition Starflash shadows, combined with Kohl Power Eye Pencil. Shades for a smooth, creamy, cushioned life. Provides the double-wattage impact that will take you to the new stylesphere!"

The collection includes 12 brand new eyeshadows at $14.50 USD a piece, 4 Kohl power eye pencils also at $14.50 USD a piece, and Plushlash mascara ($12 USD).

Notice the price increase here: eyeshadows and pencils increased by 50 cents while the mascara increase by 1 dollar.

I think the eyeshadows have a little bit for everyone: blues, purples, pinks, and neutrals. Right now I am lemming for Star by Night although it looks awfully familiar, Glamour Check!, and Sunset B.

I do not pretty much care about the Kohl eye pencils at all since some of them are repromoted (Feline, a couple of times, Orpheus, and probably Mystery). I do not care at all for MAC mascaras and since they increase by $1, I am not going to buy!

Collection numero dos: Lustretwins

According to MAC, Lustretwins collection provides "nine new shades of Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour featuring an exclusive sheer pigment top coat, with three Nail Lacquers. Separate if you must, but these Lustre Twins shouldn't live without each other. Codependent couture colour and shine starts here!"

The name and swatch of the lustretwin lip colors are included in the screenshot. At $20 USD a piece, it's officially the most expensive piece of lippie ever made from MAC. Also, the 3 nail lacquers are $11 USD a piece and "$$$$$ Yes" (pronounced "Cash Yes") is a repromote from Heatherette collection. "Firehouse" may be something new but "Perplexing" looks familiar.

Since I did not get a good product picture online, I had to settle with a screenshot for y'all. Basically, the lustretwin lipcolor has a longwear lustre lipcolor at one end and a top coat at another. From what I heard at Specktra, the longwear lustre lip color was released before and it was quite aweful. I was wondering why I did not remember such a LE release and finally it dawned on me: the initial release failed to make a bang! I do hope this time MAC makes their products a bit better. However, I do not blame on MAC since most longwear lip products are really drying and flaking.

What about me? Will I buy anything from these two collections?

I can see myself owning one or two items from Starflash. However, I'm not sure if I want to own anything from Lustretwins simply because I do not like the texture of those longwear lip colors. I may get "$$$$$ Yes" since I really heart it from the Heatherette collection but that's a big maybe. I'm not a fan of $11 per bottle of nail polish, you know!

Beauties, I do hope you have fun. Gather your cash and get to MAC as early as you can tomorrow. And let me know what you think about these two LE's ok?

Take care and have fun!
Your Makeup Blogger

P.S: Free shipping code from MAC: enter STARFLASH when you check out to receive free shipping, offer ends on 8/09/08.