Ancient News

Happy Weekend y'all! I hope you're having lots of fun during this weekend. For me, I'm playing catch-up with things I supposed to do a million years ago.

"Ancient News", what an oxymoron right? I thought of the term when I flipped through some old beauty magazines. In the spring 2006 issue "Vibe Vixen", I saw this page:

Yes, Rihanna is my favorite singer and No, I don't read "Vibe Vixen". It was an old issue that one of my friends gave me. I was interested in makeup back then and this issue of VV had good makeup how-to's and information.

On top of that, I always like the way Rihanna's makeup artist does her makeup and was fascinated to know that she uses (or used) MAC products. Now she's a spokesperson for Cover Girl so I don't know if she's still using MAC or not.

According to the magazine, in spring 2006 Rihanna used MAC Wipes to clean her face, MAC eyeshadow in Mystical Mist on her eyes as purple is her favorite color, Bobbi Brown foundation in Honey or Golden on her face, Pout lipgloss, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat (a LE I think), and Essie nail polish in Limo-Scene. So the girl is not so high-maintenance after all since most of the products she used are quite affordable.

However, I noticed something strange:

Did you see that? MAC eyeshadows used to be $13 USD a pop back in'06! Holy cow! I could have stocked up a load of them back then. Too bad I wasn't interested in MAC yet, boo hoo! Now, all I want is for MAC to turn everything a dollar cheaper like in 2006. Santa, can I have that for Christmas?

Take care y'all and have a nice weekend,
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