7 Days and 7 Nights of Mineral Makeup: Everyday Minerals

Welcome to day 3 of our 7 days and 7 nights of MMU!

Today we are talking about another favorite MMU company: Everyday Minerals (EM). This company was founded by Carina Menzies and offers spa-quality MMU with affordable price. I found out EM from Rice Bunny's blog when Michelle Phan, a fellow Vietnamese girl, did a tutorial on foundation. She has flawless skin when she used EM so I thought why should I not give it a try.

The wonderful thing about EM is they give out free samples of 3 shades of foundation, 1 blush, and one concealer. You only have to pay for shipping which is less than $4USD. The samples are generous, about 1 gram each. It took me forever to finish up the foundation that matched my skin color. Also, this company is the first and only MMU company that allows you to customize your kits. Currently, they have mini and large kits, eyeshadow kit, and a super-large kit.

To me, EM has hits and misses. The hits are:
  • 4 different foundation formulas: original glo for dry skin; semi-matte, matte, and intensive for normal to oily skin;
  • wide range of colors: from really light to really dark, EM foundations cover the whole spectrum of skin colors;
  • different colors for different skin tones: warm, cool, neutral, olive, beige, golden, and buff;
  • really nice blushes: wide variety of colors and texture, these blushes are the hits;
  • reliable concealer that can cover blemishes well;
  • brushes: made from synthetic materials, these brushes are affordable when purchased in a kit;
  • silk dust: this product is one of the cult favorites! The silk dust is a finishing powder that mattifies your face. It is so great that a lot of other companies have to create their versions.
The misses are:
  • foundations: with a wide range of colors divided into different skin tones, it is hard to find a good match. On top of that, the matte and intensive formulas are quite chalky and uncomfortable while semi-matte does not eliminate shines totally.
  • lip glosses: the most unpigmented and unmoisturizing glosses I've ever tried!
  • eyeshadows: not really pigmented and most does not contain lots of shimmers. They're quite boring in my book actually;
  • soaps: I would not use their soaps on my face ever again! Although they indicate some soaps are safe to use as face wash, I find the pH too high to use on my face.
I ordered a full-size kit and a mini kit before and found out it's better to order the mini kit. Since EM gives very generous amount of MMU, it takes forever to finish a full size foundation! A full size foundation has 8 grams of MMU while a mini version has 4 grams.

From left to right: full-size foundation(8 grams), mini size foundation (4 grams), sample size blush (1gram)
The quarter is for size comparison only (I misspelled "comparison" in the picture, eek!)

The two brushes I got from EM (top down): dual fibre brush, foundation brush

The dual fibre brush, aka skunk brush, stippling brush, is an awesome product that EM offered. Too bad they discontinued this brush because it is so wonderful. I use it to apply highlighting colors, pigmented cheek colors, and mineral foundation in wet form. It does give me a flawless and airbrushed look that I can't achieve when using dry mineral foundation.

In this picture my EM foundation was applied wet with the stippling brush

A swatch of colors EM blushes and eyeshadows
Top to bottom: Favorite hoodie blush, Sunday Brunch blush, Theme Park blush, Cherry Fizz blush and eyeshadow, Sunset Voyage eyeshadow

I use Favorite Hoodie and Cherry Fizz as eyeshadows and blushes, depending on my mood. Sunset voyage is light enough to be used as a highlighter. Of the whole bunch, Sunset Voyage and Cherry Fizz are the sheerest colors and also very virsatile.

In conclusion, Everyday Minerals is a fairly good MMU company. While their foundations and eyeshadows are not something I'd love to use, their blushes, finishing powders, concealers, and brushes are the items I'd love to buy again and again. EM products are truly affordable when ordered in a kit. Customer service is fairly good and they ship your order as fast as possible. I usually receive mine within a week.

My rating: B, could have been better if the foundation does not give me ginormous pores!

That's all, folks! End of day 3. Tomorrow we'll diss on another MMU company and this one I love so much: Silk Naturals. Stay tuned and if you have any questions, comments, or simply want to give me a hola, go ahead and press that "Comment" button. You know I love to hear from you!

Take care and have a nice day,
Your Makeup Blogger (who's in MMU overdrive!)